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#R4_NewMusic Jahresrückblick 2016

Written by on 30. Dezember 2016

Viele Band`s hat Radio4TNG im 2016 entdecken dürfen! Hier die Songs von Newcomer, die es 2016 in die Radio4TNG-Rotation geschaft haben!

Clandestine – Time to wake up

Dana – Life you never had

All To Get Her – Red Carpet

The Formers – The Day we get started

Matto Rules – Tonight

Raspberry Jamwood – Pedestal

Neckless – Light A Star

Veronica Fusaro – Dragon

BENNIE – Waste My Time

Afternoon Daydreams – Anymore

The Doodes – Samsonite

Walk Down The Hall – King of a Drama Queen

Paul Cloud – Mr. No Man

Frantic – here you are

Nemo – Himalaya

Manolo Panic – Drive

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